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Using MediaCentral | UX Over VPN

Solution Under normal circumstances, we would not recommend the use of MediaCentral | UX over the VPN, as the bandwidth requirements are too high for good results.

In the event that you must make the attempt, bear in mind that the ability to get any connection at all will be depending on multiple factors:

1. The number of users on the VPN, and the amount of bandwidth they are using. Note that there are only two ingress points for VPN users (East and West) that are being used by most of the company's 10,000 employees.

2. The quality of bandwidth of your local Internet connection.

3. The route network traffic takes between your connection and the company's VPN ingress point.

If you absolutely MUST make the attempt, then we strongly recommend you do the following:

1. If you successfully open MediaCentral | UX, go to the Story menu, then click on the "hamburger" menu icon (three stacked horizontal lines), and adjust you Playback Quality settings to the lowest possible (Good).

2. Set your Playback Latency to High.

3. Make your playback window the smallest you can to minimize bandwidth usage.

4. As soon as you can, Sign Out and close MediaCentral | UX to allow others to use the available bandwidth.
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