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Laptop Instructions


Congratulations on receiving your new editing laptop! Functionally, this system is almost identical to your old one, but there are some key differences which you will need to keep in mind. This document goes over those differences in brief detail. Please read this document thoroughly.

A copy of this document can be found in the Documentation folder on the Avid Media (F:) drive for your future reference.

Log in before you leave.

This laptop is joined to the domain. That means that you will be required to log in using your Sinclair credentials. If you have yet to log into this laptop, it will not work from the field. You need to plug into the Sinclair network at the station in order to log in for the first time. An area has been set up in the newsroom where you may do this. You'll find it by the end of Mary Loos's desk, right next to the column. Just plug the yellow cable into the Ethernet port on your laptop, then log in with your SBG credentials. Afterwards, your credentials will be cached locally, and you'll be able to log in without being plugged in.

Whenever you need to change your SBG password (every 90 days), you will need to plug in the laptop to sync the cached credentials with the network. Otherwise, you may run into problems in the field. This has happened before with some of the reporters. Don't let it happen to you.

All of your work and assets go on the Avid Media (F:) drive.

Per the policy of Sinclair IT Security, the System (C:) drive of this laptop is encrypted. That means that anything you put on the C: drive, which includes the Desktop and the Library folders (Pictures, Videos, Documents, etc.), will be encrypted in real time. This is very bad for editing. In short, do not put anything related to editing on the Desktop or in your Library folders. The Avid Media (F:) drive is equivalent to the D: drive on your old laptop. The key difference here is that if you do not use the Avid Media (F:) drive for all of your work, you may run into serious problems.

When creating a new project in Media Composer, it is a simple matter of selecting the External option, then choose Avid Media (F:)\PROJECTS for the folder. Do not select Private or Shared. Those default locations are both on the C: drive.


Source Browser Cache

There is a problem with Media Composer on these laptops that occurs after 1-2 months of use where using the Source Browser will cause Media Composer to crash. We have not found a way to prevent this from happening altogether, but there is a fix if it ever happens to you. This may be something you should just do every now and then as preventive maintenance.

With Media Composer closed, go to Utility Drive (E:) and open the AvidSourceBrowserCache shortcut. There you will find a file named OPFrameGenerator.db. Delete it.

If a solution is found that will prevent this from happing entirely, you will be notified so that it can be applied.

VPN Access

If you would like the ability to use iNews while in the field on this laptop, you will need to connect to the VPN. If you have never done this before, you will probably need to go to to get your account set up. You will need to be plugged into the network to do this. Just log in with your SBG account, and follow the on-screen directions. You will only need to do this once.

After that is done, connecting to the VPN is simple. Connect to the internet, then in the wireless connections list, select SBG VPN West. You will receive a text or call from the MFA system. Reply to that message with the code provided, and you're in. The reporters are familiar with this process. You can ask them for help, or come to us if necessary.

Audio line input

This laptop has a combined headphone/microphone jack on the right side. When you plug something into it, a window will pop up asking you what kind of device it is. Simply select whatever is appropriate.

FTP Setup

To set up the KATU site profile in FileZilla, click File>Import, then go to Utility Drive (E:), and open katudropbox.xml. You will then see katudropbox in the Site Manager menu, found in the upper-left corner of the FileZilla window.
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