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Using the "ImportToAvid" Network Share (Vantage)

Solution 1. Connect to the "\\katu-nas-2\ImportToAvid\" share.

Note: For instructions on how to map a drive, see the "Mapping a network drive" article at

2. Copy or move the file you wish to import into the appropriate sub-folder.


* DO NOT export directly from an editing program into the "ImportToAvid" share. Instead, export to a local drive and then copy or move the file to the share.

* Due to issues with Macs and Windows network shares, avoid using Macs when copying files to the share.

3. Check the status of your import on the web interface of the Vantage server by going to and watching for your file to appear and start processing.

4. If your file doesn't appear in the Vantage web interface within 5 minutes, try the following:

* If you used a Mac to copy your file to the "ImportToAvid" network share, close all applications on that Mac, log out and reboot the computer.

* Using a different computer (preferably a PC), copy the file back out of the network share to your local PC, then change the name of the file slightly and copy it back. DO NOT change the file name while it is still in the network share.

* Try again using one the "Universal Import 16X9" sub-folder in the "ImportToAvid" share.
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