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Saving or Exporting Files in WideOrbit

Solution The Traffic (M:) drive is the only location to which files can be saved or exported out of WideOrbit. This applies to both WO Traffic and WO Media Sales. Each WideOrbit user has a folder which corresponds with their username, which only they can see and access, located on the Traffic drive. If the user needs the file elsewhere, the proper procedure is to save to their user folder on the Traffic drive, navigate to that folder on their Windows Desktop, then move the file to wherever it's needed.

The Sales people used to have the ability to save to their Desktops on their network profiles. This was when redirected profiles resided on KATU-NAS-1. As a consequence of the move to OneDrive for redirected profiles, this is no longer possible. Some of the longer-serving Sales people may request this functionality if they've recently had their system reimaged or their profile migrated. They must be informed of the procedure outlined above.
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