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Health Assessment and MFA Questions and Links

Solution We’re receiving a lot of questions about Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and making sure people are ready to do the daily health assessment. There are two things that you have to have ready before you can do this from outside the company network:
1. Make sure you are set up on MFA.
2. Make sure that you have your “Person Number” from The Bridge.

If you are working from outside the building, you are probably already set up on MFA. To verify that, or to sign up, go to while in the station and on the company network. Follow the directions here to set up or verify MFA:

To get your “Person Number”, get it from the Bridge before you leave the station. You can get it from the Bridge ( ). You can get it from your pay slip, or by going to your “Personal Information” page and clicking on “Employment Info”.

To complete the Health Assessment each day, go to this link:

You will have to sign in, and then you will receive a number from the MFA system for you to enter on the web page. Once you get to the self-assessment, you will need to enter your “Person Number” to proceed.

Alternatively, you can log in to The Bridge at and go to "Sinclair Systems" then click on "COVID-19 Employee Assessment". You still need MFA to do this.
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