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Solution We have the 2nd Jet pack installed, tested and ready for its live debut. It's the same concept as TVU, video over cell phone signals. As with TVU the better the cell service the better the Jet pack will operate. If the signal isn't decent move 10' and try it again sometimes that's all it takes. It has the same 2 sec delay and IFB will be radio if you're in range, cell phone if not.

Power supply: This unit has a built in rechargeable power supply and aux battery that will give you up to 5 hrs run time according to the manufacture. It also runs off of AC or on the inverter in the news vehicles. LiveU recommends running it off of AC or the inverter when possible saving the batteries for the big breaker. Make sure you plug in the batteries to recharge after your done for the day.

Starting up the unit: There's a few more steps involved in establishing a signal but its not that complicated.

1. Get to your location with enough time to establich a signal and do a test shot.
2. Press and hold the Orange power button until it turns blue. This should only take about 2-3 seconds.
3. The unit will go through a start-up process that takes about 1 minute.
4. A screen with appear on the monitor. In the lower left corner you will see a connect button. Press the button and the connection process to the aircards will start. This will take a couple minutes and give you a status indicator as it progresses.
5. After the connection process us completed press the profile button to the left of the connect button. In the lower left of that window it will tell you the mode you're in and the recommended delay. It should say Half D1 with a delay under 2 seconds.
6. To the right of the connect button is a square with an triangle pointing to the right. Press this button and you'll be on the air. To conform this it will say on the air at the top of the screen.
7. Call the transmission rack and tell them you're up on the LiveU pack.
8. Do your live shot. When your done push the blue power button until the unit powers down.
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