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Link Simulator

Solution This is the link to the simulator.

Put the address you are going to in as the access point (location on the left). Right below that is frequency, change that to 2.4 Ghz (not the end of the world if you don't, but it will be more accurate on the way color scheme). Also change the height to 15M, that's about the height of a fully raised mast. The nice thing is most of these settings seem to stick in your web browser the next time you go to the link, brings up whatever you left off at.

For the station address you want to put in a receive site.

For the west hills (Sylvan) use 225 NW Skyline Blvd, Portland, give yourself a height of about 150 M, that's about where the receiver is on the tower. For Mt Scott just start typing Mt Scott. "Mt Scott happy valley" will pop up as a location pin, click on that. Give yourself a height of 40 M. For Goat Mountain, type "Goat Mountain Oregon" and hit enter. 15 M for the height. For the Bank, start typing "US Bancorp Tower" it pops up as a location right when you get to the "c." Click on that and go 150 M.

At this point it should be drawing a line between the locations. A line connecting them will be green, orange, or red. Green means it should work, orange . . . maybe, red means the path is obstructed and don't waste your time. There will also be a visual representation of the terrain between the locations. It will show you the hills between you and your target. Again this only terrain, buildings, gigantic trees, or other man made obstructions aren't going to show up.

In the layers tab on the left side you can change map types (road, satellite, terrain, or hybrid).
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