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Interplay Media Management

Solution Media management in Interplay uses pre-defined searches to find items that have fallen outside of a pre-determined age and marks them for deletion. In most cases, users have a month to mark items that they need longer.

Normally, projects go into "daily" folders ("01 Monday", "02 Tuesday", etc.) that are purged each week, as they become quite large and eventually slow the system to a crawl.

The "Hold" folder allows for longer-term material, like special stories and longer-running documentaries. The same goes for the franchise projects, like "Kind Is Better". But to keep the "Hold" folder from becoming unmanageable, it is still subject to searches for material older than a month.

The only way to prevent deletion is through the application of a reservation, which should be for no more than six months.

Interplay doesn't have a Recycle Bin like Windows does. Once all references to an object are removed, the assets go into Orphaned Files, where they are made available for removal.
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