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Flash Plugins, Chrome, & You!

Solution Google Chrome and Adobe Flash do not like each other. Every now and then when Chrome gets an update, it changes the way it handles Flash plugins, which may end up breaking certain sites we use that rely on Flash to function, such as Storyline. This document will instruct you on how to fix these issues. Note: Click on the "Enabling Flash Plugins in Chrome" link to download a copy of these instructions with illustrations!

Please note that since Chrome gets updated so often that these instructions may become out of date relatively soon. These instructions apply to Chrome version 62.0. Any later version may have slight differences in this procedure.

Step 1: Ensure that Chrome is up to date.

Click the "Kabob" (triple-dot) Menu in the upper-right corner of Chrome, then hover over Help, and click About Google Chrome.

If Chrome require any updates, they should download and install automatically. When Chrome is up to date, a check mark will be displayed.

Step 2: Enable Flash Plugins

Go into the Kabob Menu again, and click Settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Advanced.

In the Privacy and Security section, look near the bottom and click Content Settings.

Click Flash.

Activate the slider to set it to Ask first (recommended).

In the Allow section, click ADD.

Type or paste in the URL of the site which uses the Flash plugin, and click ADD.

Restart Chrome to apply the settings changes.

You should now be able to use that particular Flash plugin without issue.

Enabling_Flash_Plugins_in_Chrome.pdf Enabling_Flash_Plugins_in_Chrome.pdf

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