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2018 - 2020 Transmitter Work (FCC Repack)

Solution 7/18/2019 UPDATE:

Both the transmitter and antenna crews have arrived and installation has begun. As with most large projects, there are some unique challenges which preclude setting a finishing date, but the work proceeds apace.


6/21/2019 UPDATE:

The old transmitting equipment has been removed and our suite has been ready for updating, but vendor delays have stalled the project somewhat. Currently it looks like the transmitter crew will arrive in early to mid-July to begin work on installing the new transmitter. We hope that antenna work will begin about the same time.

We are tentatively aiming for a September 6th transition date.

More details when available.


4/19/2019 UPDATE:

In order to begin construction on our new main transmitter, KATU will be switching to our interim transmitter on Wednesday, April 24th between 10am and 11am. Unfortunately this means we’ll be going from 1 MW ERP to about 55 kW ERP.

Our interim transmitter site is also about 0.5 miles to the northwest ( ), so you may have to make adjustments to your off-air receive antenna to maximize reception.

We will remain on the interim transmitter until tower and transmitter construction is complete at our main site, which has no definite date yet (could be weeks to months).


As part of an FCC-mandated change to the television broadcast frequencies which broadcasters use, KATU and other stations in the market will be making changes from 2018 through 2020 that will temporarily impact viewers.

As a result of this mandated change, we will be taking advantage of this situation to make much needed improvements to the transmitter and antenna systems we use to bring you programming.

Historically, reception for viewers in some areas has been particularly sensitive to changes in the weather. This has been especially bad as the weather warms up. The reason for this is an antenna and transmission line design problem with the systems on our transmission tower at Sylvan Hill. It has been this way since the Sylvan Tower systems were built back in the year 2000.

In the coming months we are going to completely replace the entire KATU, KOIN and KRCW transmission systems. We are confident that once the work is done our broadcast pattern will be much better without the dead zones that we are experiencing now.

We expect once the work is completed, the reception problems that plague Portland and surrounding communities will be a thing of the past.

This is a multimillion dollar project that has been in the planning stages for years.

When done we expect our past transmission problems will be over with the new system able to provide much better reception for those within its reach.

In the meantime, we thank you for your patience as we work through this project.

For more information on the FCC Repack, go to
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